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We will recommend the right financing for you.


Smith Capital will provide a current market evaluation of your apartment building(s). This evaluation will consist of reviewing your revenues and expenses. We work directly with CMHC as well as a network of lenders in order to give you an accurate estimate of the maximum loan amount obtainable. If your loan is mid-term, this will also allow you to make an informed decision as to whether or not it makes good business sense to renew your mortgage prior to maturity.

There are 2 mortgage products available:

  1. CMHC insured Mortgage

  2. Conventional Mortgage



Smith Capital will provide a current market evaluation of the apartment building(s) you are considering to buy. This will ensure that you are not overpaying. It will also give you an indication of the level of financing we will provide and prepare you for the amount of equity you will be required to put down at closing.


We will recommend the appropriate financing solution for the type of building you are purchasing.

There are 2 mortgage products available:

  1. Multi-residential: CMHC insured Mortgage

  2. Semi-commercial: Conventional Mortgage

Early Renewal

Whether your mortgage is CMHC insured or conventional, don’t wait to renew with your current lender. Smith Capital will complete an early renewal analysis of your current mortgage to provide the best financing options available to you.

This may mean:

1. Repaying your existing mortgage NOW to take advantage of a new higher loan amount and locking in at today’s very low interest rates.

2. Obtaining a second CMHC mortgage at first mortgage interest rates that will mature simultaneously with your existing first mortgage. At renewal, both mortgages will be consolidated and refinanced as one first CMHC mortgage.

Under the above scenarios, Smith Capital can increase your amortization period so that you will have a higher loan while still maintaining a low mortgage payment.




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